Office Schmoffice

We have a room that is an “office” but I use that term loosely as right now it is pretty much a room with a desk and a computer and piles of stuff that haven’t made a home anywhere else.  Small 1950’s houses aren’t known for their amazing storage space, lets put it that way.  Anyhow, without spending alot of money, we wanna spruce up the “office” a little so that it actually resembles what its parading around to be.

I like it when an office doesn’t look office-y and has a homey comfortable feel.  Some of my favorite inspiration pictures (which also happen to be slightly schizophrenic in their styles):

Via: Jonathan Adler

Via: Real Simple

Via: Apartment Therapy

We currently have a white corner desk from pottery barn which is sort of a non-negotiable as far as incorporating it into the room, but I would love to add a comfy chair and another wooden desk for added storage and workspace.  Add that to the additional desk we have in our living room and we could be accused of having a slight desk obsession.  Hey it could be worse right?


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