Warm Summer Nights

Here in Southern California, we haven’t really had too too many warm days that turn into warm nights.  It’s mostly foggy mornings that turn into low 70’s days, that turn into what very closely resembles a winter night.  I have not gone out in a tank top at night all summer.  Total Bust!

My seasonal anxiety is already kicking in and I am ready to cook soups and fallish food, to enjoy some (seasonally appropriate) cold weather, and to start wearing my boots.

That being said, I find it necessary to write a letter:

Dear Summer,

Please come to Southern California.  You know, the part of California that is below Northern California.  To be more specific, the part that is on the Coast.  I’d really appreciate it.  I would very much like to be able to transition into fall having experienced at least a couple weeks of evenings spent sitting outside having a cocktail while not wearing a parka.  Do your best, okay?



P.S.  Sean and I still aren’t even close to being unpacked (after housesitting for a neighbor for 10 days and a week of backpacking).  House is still a mess.  Tons of posts, DIY projects, and pictures to come soon though.


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