Obsession of the Day: Vertical Gardens

I would never claim to be a green thumb, but I would claim a love for gardening as a process and a creative outlet. My newest botanical crush is the vertical garden, the benefits of which abound. They are perfect for small spaces, require little water or resources, and (best of all) allow the “gardener” to be an artist of sorts. 

The cost options for putting together a vertical garden range from borderline highway robbery (albeit super chic and easy) to very affordable (albiet more time consuming).

Option A: Order the Panels from an online retailer such as Flora Grubb Gardens and fill with your favorite succulents.

20″x20″ Panel – $99.95

Availiable at Flora Grub Gardens

Option B: DIY the panels and fill with your favorite succulents.

Instructions availiable at Sunset.com



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