10 Things That Make Me Happy

I’m super honored…one of my favorite bloggers & a very cook chick, Ra @ The Air Conditioned Gypsy has given me my very first blogger award.

The Assignment:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award.  Done, & thanks again Ra!
  • Name 10 things that make you happy
  • Pass this award on to 10 3 (its my favorite #, Ra did it, so will I) other blogs and inform the winners.

So here they are:

1) My fabulously crazy little family, my grandma and my auntie jackie, & my much larger inherited family (aka Sean’s family).

{My Mama}

{My Daddy}

{My Sister}

2) My husband


3) My 3 cats

{Tar, AKA Yawey, Muffin, Muffin Snack}

{Tigerlilly, aka Lilly, Precious Love}

{Kash, AKA Kash Money, Money Penny, Kashers}

4) Traveling: I’ve never met a place I’ve traveled to that I didn’t love and the whole process from planning the trip to coming home and looking through the pictures and watching the videos that Sean puts together and having those memories forever makes me so happy.

{New York}

{St. Lucia}

5) Taking pictures, scrapbooking, crafting, decorating…I love doing anything creative & working on something and being happy with the results and enjoying the whole process in between makes me very very happy.

{Recent Scrapbook Layout}

{Potholder I just made, which is going to be en route to my mom tomorrow…excuse the crappy iPhone pictures taken .5 seconds ago}

6) Trying new restaurants, wines, & recipes.  I ❤ food!  And, good or bad, it does make me happy…especially when mixed with a glass or two of good red wine:)

7) Being at the lake, the pool, or the beach.  I’m a pisces and I CRAVE the water.  Sometimes at night I sit on the edge of the bathtub and let the water run over my legs cause I feel like I am drying up…I’m kind of wierd.

8) Camping & Backpacking…and just being outdoors in general.  Some of my most favorite memories took place over a camping or backpacking trip.

9) Gardening (although currently almost everything in our garden has died) & going to the the farm to pick produce, I love feeling connected with the food we eat.

10) Weekend Trips with friends:

{Palm Springs}


And now for my picks…the awards go to:


(Shares my love for MK&A & did a really awesome post recently about tatoos…makes me really want to get one)


(She has great style & does the most amazing do-overs of furniture she finds on craigslist or at flee markets)


(She has the coolest post up right now, I die for the pictures)



3 thoughts on “10 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Parks

    I would have nearly all of the same picks! The only one that I haven’t really gotten into is gardening, but my mom grows basil and parsley in a flower pot – does that count? lol.



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