Green Idea: Newspaper as Wallpaper

While it may be a little time consuming, and if not done well it might look like you are a wierd criminal investigator (very un-chic), if done well, using newspaper as wall paper can look super awesome.  I love the idea of buying vintage newspapers or newspapers from places you have traveled to adorn your walls. 


2 thoughts on “Green Idea: Newspaper as Wallpaper

  1. Cashon & Co.

    HI! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, as it led me to your fab blog! I love those gold necklaces in the post after this, but I am REALLY diggin the newspaper wallpaper. I was at a store the other day and they wallpapered the back wall in french maps. it was gorgeous. I want to wallpaper a wall/bathroom in curiousity prints….we’ll see if I ever really do it! Off to go read more! K

  2. Holly Brock

    I just moved into a house and am wanting to take down the newspaper walls in my bathroom. Any tips?


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