Putting Clutter in its Place

I am an organizing maniac. I don’t lay awake at night worrying about work, finances, or my having put off my new years resolution of getting into better shape…I lay awake at night thinking about how our garage has become a disaster or how my recipes are in disarray. Disorganization, clutter, chaos…it haunts me. I am always hunting for ways to make the things that don’t necessarily lend themselves to a clean looking living space (such as chords, cell phones, jackets, mail, and office supplies) more attractive. A few of my favorite ideas:

1) Turn an old heater register cover into a mail rack:

2) Cover cords with wooden beads availiable at hobby shops or craft stores:

3) Craft a stylish coat rack out of scrap wood:

4) Create an organized place for all your office/crafting supplies by using inexpensive galvanized buckets:


3 thoughts on “Putting Clutter in its Place

  1. Cate

    I don’t think I even need to comment on this one. You would just die if you saw how repulsively unorganized my house is right now! The bathroom remodel is hardly seeming worth it at this point…


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