I Cant. I Wont. But it’s Killing Me.

This is post #2 re: me wanting to cut my hair but needing to resist on account of once I cut it, I will want my long hair back.  But after spotting this picture on Aubrey Road its getting harder and harder. 


7 thoughts on “I Cant. I Wont. But it’s Killing Me.

  1. Cate

    That totally reminds me of that picture of you from when your hair was short! I’m going to search for it and send it to you. You were at a party or something and it was curled and the shot was from like the side or above or something. IT WAS SOOOO CUTE! (Mostly I’m trying to not feel bad about wanting to cut off my hair too, and if we both do at least we can whine about it later together!)

  2. Keri

    Her hair is adorable. I know a good trick, darling! If your attached to your longer hair (much like myself) you can pin up your longer layers to the nape of your neck to a little bob, so that the shorter layers look like that longest part of your hair. I apologize for not posting a how to, I’m posting this from my phone, you do understand. But I agree. so cute!



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