Ace Hotel: Palm Springs

Last summer I headed to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs with two of my friends.  It was by far the best hotel I have ever stayed in…not necessarily the fanciest or most over-the-top, but the funnest!  The little details were incredible, the food was to die for, and the decor was uber chic yet utilitarian at the same time….plus they had alcoholic snowcones!  I was even more impressed when I recently emailed the hotel to ask them sources for a few of the items used at the hotel that I fell in love with (herringbone bar towels used as napkins in the Diner & enamelware bowls used to serve ceviche nachos by the pool) and to my surprise received a response back the next day with links to their suppliers.  The customer service was truly top notch and I recommend this hip place in the desert to anyone looking to get away.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs


10 thoughts on “Ace Hotel: Palm Springs

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  2. mualala

    I LOVE this place!

    I also fell in love with their enamelware bowls. Would you be able to send me the link to that supplier? I also sent Ace an email asking them where they got these but never received a response. thanks!

  3. Linda

    hi! I am looking for herringbone bar towels to use as napkins for my wedding! can you tell me who they used for theirs??? thanks a bunch! 😀


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