Closet Envy

The rainy weather here in California is making me want to go home and overhaul our closet.  While some of these closets are definitely a little over the top, there are some good ideas to take away that can be done on a shoestring budget.

1) Organize clothes by type and then color:

2) Take a que from retail and use metal racks:

3) Incorporate a big mirror:

4) Hang wallpaper or a chandelier for impact and color:

5) Use dividers and bins for accessories:

6) Use an old armoire or bookshelf for shoes or purses:

7) Paint your closet black or add nailheads for a bachelor-esque feel:

8) Make like Carrie Brradshaw and let your closet get a little messy:


9 thoughts on “Closet Envy

  1. Carissa

    I’d love for my closet to look like any of these, especially the one with the big mirror– so light and bright and open. unfortunately, my closet is rarely organized by any category and is more likely to look Carrie Bradshaw-esque 🙂

    1. Hawk

      Marie Surtheland – I would love to see any castle, really. The handwork is amazing. I look at it and can almost see and hear those laying the stones, one by one. What am amazing work of art!

    2. autokredit rechner

      Coco showed pics of herself younger as “proof” that her butt is real.In those teenage and early 20s pics all we see is a long butt. Younger Coco doesnt have the huge mound that 2012 Coco does. I think she did get butt implants. Whoever her Dr was did a great job.


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