So I know this is the second post I’ve done featuring a moccasin…and its probably not the last.  I’m sort of obsessed.  I own the same pair of Minnetonkas in two colors and another Steve Madden pair (and I don’t really even own that many pair of shoes).  Nevertheless, I have been lusting over Manimals Moccassins for like two years now and I recently visited their site and discovered…….wait for it………..they now sell purses too!  And they are the perfect combo of hippie and simplicity!  Le Sigh!

A snippet off their website makes me like them even more:

The Manimal line was formed in 2004 after a native New Englander’s first visit to the American Southwest.
Designer Kristen Lombardi’s interest in traditional costumes and animal forms influence the design of each moccasin and accessory. Her process is driven by a deep appreciation for the almost forgotten world of artisan crafts and craftsmanship.

All pieces are hand made by a team of no more than three craftspeople.

In an attempt to best use precious materials, leather scraps are recycled and reworked within the Manimal family.

Manimal is a careful, quiet operation in Brooklyn, New York.

Availiable at:


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