Dream Bath

Here is a no holds barred, no budget breakdown of the perfect bathroom in my humble opinion…

It would have to start and end with this amazing bathtub:

Availiable at www.stoneforest.com

And I would dry myself off on these Turkish Hammam towels:


Which would be warm and toasty thanks to this:


I would store all my bath goodies in vintage wire bakets:


My best friend, Cate, is currently remodeling her bathroom, turning it from granny drab (picture a walk in bathtub and tile with geese) to what I am sure will be a superbly chic space (cause she has amazing style).  Once it is completed I will post pictures!

P.S. Sean and I just got back from our trip to New York last night.  The bags are still not unpacked and the pictures haven’t made it off the camera, but once they are, I will start posting daily recaps of our trip.  It is so good to be back (because we are EXHAUSTED) but I LOVED New York so much and would love to live there someday.


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