2010 Resolution Planning

I am really horrible with New Years resolutions.  I have kept only one resolution in my entire 24 years and it was last year’s resolution to not flat iron my hair (and eve that I have broken on several occasions).  I do better when I mentally prepare myself for the resolution and have all the necessary tools and accoutrements to achieve my goal.  This year I am setting a few goals for myself early, so I can dive right in on the 1st:

1) Start a ballet class and stick to it no matter how stupid and football playeresque I feel initially.  And preferably do it wearing these shoes, availiable here: http://www.bonadrag.com/shopmain/bags/ballet.html?reload


2) Learn to crochet a granny squares blanket.  I so desperately want one and I so desperately want to make it myself.  Exactly like this one, in lots of fun bright colors:


3) Put myself together every single day, even if it just means jeans and a t-shirt…add a necklace, wear boots instead of flip-flops, and do my hair so I dont look homeless.  Im not talking full on glamour every day, I just want to get more mileage out of the beautiful things in my closet and feel more confident about how I am presenting myself to the world.

*I do have some personal resolutions that aren’t so vapid and shallow (I promise).


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